Defined as “an exhibition exploring juxtaposition of spaces through the collaboration of art and design”, the one-night pop-up show was inspired by the different spaces and exhibitions Year Two students visited in their activity week, when they travelled to Margate and visited Somerset House’s 24/7 exhibition, the Design Museum’s Moving to Mars exhibit, and Store X’s Other Spaces show.

The group of students wanted to portray a response through a collaborative exhibition expressing their different skills and personal interests with the ongoing theme of SPACES in all of its forms, whether that be juxtaposition in space, interaction with space, or, quite simply, outer space.

Students had just under one week to curate, organise and set up the show, and so organised themselves into exhibition committees working every day to make the Thursday deadline. While this was challenging, it was equally rewarding in its own right. The show itself had an incredible turnout from students, staff, and visitors alike, and was a success for GMD Year Two, followed by a lovely round of drinks in LCC’s Darkroom Bar.

Karoline Winzer, Year Two Student Rep.



mages are of students and external visitors interacting with pieces in the Year Two GMD exhibition SPACES.

Photography: James Tucker, Instagram: @jamestuckerphotography