London Design Festival; ‘Emergence’ at LCC: Sept/Oct 2019 #4
What Does Green Really Mean? was initially developed by GMD First Year Coordinator, Craig Burston, for London Design Festival 2014. Four inter-related physical outputs; book, music compilation tape, a collection of objects and sculpted artefacts that remind one of the first time we have an awakening regarding the fragility of the Earth, population and geopolitical conflict. All outputs were produced as a means of exploring the question in the project title. 
All content was developed pro-bono, donated or recycled. Collaborating with designers, as well as enjoying discussions with field recording artists and electronic musicians, interviewing television drama script writers, seeking permissions from institutions such as BBC News, Channel 4 and NASA to re-use existent articles and information, accepting contributions, contributions from landscape and fine art photographers, and even a polemical essay written by a comic book script writer exploring the politics of class and life in the English countryside.
For LDF 2019, Burston revisited the project with radical revisions. The original book will be available to read on-line, taking publishing to its supposed logical conclusion of the removal of the physical artefact. A second output is the creation of a same titled website/blog that will also function as an on-line repository for students, artists and members of the public to propose their objects that remind them, or provoke them to consider the question, ‘What Does Green Really Mean?’