All artwork and movies: Jody-Marie Cross

BA Graphic and Media Design 2021 graduate, Jody-Marie Cross, is currently Creative Director of the Unsettled Magazine. Here she talks about her recent installation project, ‘Upside Down’.

I’m a 23-year-old designer whose passion for design is driven by my curiosity for the world around me. Specialising in design and branding with a strong focus on animation, my practice aims to bring a story or meaning to life. I like to use my artistic skills to generate a raw exploration of feeling and emotion, inspired by the abstraction within my surroundings, dreams, shapes and colours.

I focus a lot of my personal work on bringing the unknown to life, showcasing the power of illustration and animation to create a dreamlike illusion, changing the viewer’s perception of reality.

This project focused on the Branding, Visuals and Spatial Design for an immersive night experience in London. A magical, creative theme of a parallel universe, the ‘Upside Down’ version of reality, a unique, fun experience accompanied by alcohol and music.

The illusion of a world where fish swim without water, humans fly through the city streets, jellyfish and dinosaurs live next door, creatures and people communicate via dancing and stars and planets float in the sky.”

All artwork and movies: Jody-Marie Cross