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‘Memory Collector’, Yadi Xu.

Peter Cannings was a Digital Design Lecturer at LCC from the mid 1980s until his death in 2012. The Peter Cannings Memorial Award recognises final year student work which carries on Peter’s pioneering legacy of innovation in digital design and digital media. The award of £500 is open to all LCC Design School undergraduate students completing their final year. In addition to the prize money, the winner receives ongoing help, networking contacts and mentoring opportunities.

This year, six BA GMD students were shortlisted for the Award and the winner was GMD student, Yadi Xu, who used Touch Designer to create a speculative design project, ‘Memory Collector’.

Yadi’s work explores how technology might be employed to capture and preserve all five senses in creating our memories, extending and enhancing the process of human recall. She also considers the wider applications and potential ethical implications for future scenarios.

This project aims to simulate the future of memory editing through the creation of a ‘Memory Collector,’ offering a glimpse into a time when people can actively shape and manage their recollections, potentially enhancing cognitive capabilities in the decades to come.”

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I am incredibly honoured to receive this award. I would like to thank my tutors, Siân Cook and Alistair McClymont, for their guidance on this project. This award is a recognition of my explorations in digital media art and creative computing. Moving forward, I will continue to create more interesting works in the field of creative computing.”

Yadi Xu

The students shortlisted were: Andrew Vladimirov; Louis Philpot Dodds and Matej Siska; Nina Strzeszewska; Rahul Jigmet; Samuel Slade; Sazanias Asrat; Theo Pregon; Yi Wu.

2024 Judging Panel:
Dr Nick Lambert, Co-Chair of the EVA London Conference (Electronic Visualisation in the Arts).
Carla Rapoport, Founder and Emeritus Director of the Lumen Prize.
Dr Ann Borda, Ethics Fellow in the Public Policy Programme at The Alan Turing Institute.

Page from the Visual Summary describing the project.

‘Memory Collector’, Yadi Xu.

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Sample screens from final outcomes.
Sample screens from final outcomes.