Alumnus and former Associate Lecturer for GMD, Patrick Fry, has a new project that should be of interest to any lovers of graphic ephemera.


Patrick is designing and publishing a limited edition 272 page case-bound book called The Land of Lost Content as a celebration of a lesser-known museum in Shropshire. The museum has a vast collection of ephemera, all collected and chronicled by one woman, Stella Mitchell. She has spent her life collecting Britain’s ‘rubbish’ as a record of our society and behaviour. The collection is enormous, consisting of thousands of pieces and Stella has a story for each one. The book aims to provide a truly unique portrait of British society, revealed through the goods we throw away.

Patrick is hoping to raise funding for the publication via Kickstarter and has designed a number of limited edition items to tempt investors including postcards, a bag, tea towel and prints:

Also contributing to the project are writers Robert Banham and Teal Triggs, with photography by Inge Clemente.