GMD Senior Lecturer, Owen Wells, writes about a recent initiative he curated with students:

In response to the lockdown, GMD created a course community podcast to stay in touch with one another virtually.

As a result of the COVID-19 virus the whole BA GMD community was suddenly stretched across the globe. Many of us were socially isolated, and for everyone this was a really difficult time. It was also an opportunity to celebrate how varied and diverse the GMD community is. With that in mind we started a podcast to run over the COVID-19 disruption period. The idea was to create a free, creative space for GMD students to produce and share audio content. We hope that the podcast will help everyone maintain a sense of community no matter where people are in the world.

We had a great breadth of submissions for the first episode including interviews, conversations, music and poetry. Below are some reflections from students who produced content for the episode.

“I found out about the podcast from Patricia in the midst of lockdown lethargy. She asked if I could contribute and I immediately thought it was such an exciting and uplifting idea. I think GMD is such a vast and busy course with so many students and tutors and it might be difficult to feel the community spirit sometimes, so I think it’s a great attempt at making people feel more connected. I really hope this project continues far beyond the quarantine! “
Joanna Domagalska. 2nd Year BA GMD Student

“Recording for The Four Corners was interesting as it gave me a chance to talk about and interview my colleagues about how the situation is affecting us. None of us expected our part-time jobs to put us in an oddly responsible and vulnerable position. We all need to buy groceries and I hadn’t seen non-medical key workers’ experience talked about so much, so using the podcast to give a small look into this was a useful way to use this as a platform. ”
Veronica Jones. Final year BA GMD Student