Studio space – students listening to presentation

GMD Labs are opportunities to enable students from all three years to work on exploratory, experimental projects connected to the practice of the GMD team. These sessions sit outside the curriculum and are voluntary and ungraded.

This year, 12 different Lab experiences were on offer (click here for the full list). One of these was a collaboration with Nonsense, an independent creative agency, who ran The Credibility Sessions – introducing their philosophy of building brand credibility and the methods they use to achieve it.

Managing Partner Nick Armitage, a GMD alumnus, helped set up the collaboration and the sessions were delivered by Tom Primrose, Rob Mosley and Elena Deighton from the agency. Along with the thought exercises and in-depth discussions, Nonsense generously offered an internship to the student who impressed them with their response to the final challenge.

The winner of this internship was 2nd year student, Anouk Allen-Mills, who reflects here on the sessions:

I was previously cynical about marketing strategies – I felt like brand strategy was just another way of pushing mass consumerism through adverts. Over the course of the lecture series, however, Nonsense’s credibility model for brands really resonated with me – they introduced a different kind of marketing that forces big companies to re-evaluate themselves and come up with ways they can truly serve their customers and the planet. This model is what convinced me to apply for their internship and take the chance to learn more about creating credible brands!”

Studio space – students listening to presentation
Tom from Nonsense talking with a group of students at a table
Rob from Nonsense talking with students