GMD alumni Vanessa Ban has her own studio in Singapore and has just published an experimental book which plays with space and typography.  Based in Singapore, designer Vanessa Ban approaches briefs methodically. “I study its contents before mapping out any possible constraints,” she says. “Design briefs in the arts and cultural fields can be more abstract than a typical design brief, but that’s why I find them quite fascinating. There’s no particular ‘visual problem’ that can be graphically solved, but rather a design solution that is a balance of typography, graphics and tactility.”


Her practice, Studio Vanessa Ban, focuses on contemporary art and design with its clients ranging from galleries, artists and curators to more corporate companies and institutions. Book design is the studio’s bread and butter with a fresh approach and great use of space. Recent projects include a pastel-coloured artist’s book that has the images and a conversation with the artist as separate booklets within a larger cover. Other highlights include a monochrome tome for an exhibition that explores architecture and space.

“Stylistically I’d say that there’s definitely a typographic approach, but I also keep things clean as I don’t believe in over-designing,” Vanessa says. “My visual language should work with the content, not overpower it.”