sheet of different ideas

First stage pitch ideas.

The identity for the 2024 GMD Showcase of graduating student work was designed by final year student, Bianka Horváth, who developed the ‘hands’ concept. The idea was then adapted by the staff-led teams for the various applications – catalogue, exhibition, showreel, social media and website.

Bianka describes the idea rationale and process of refining the identity:

It was such a busy time to pitch for the identity, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try my hand at it. In the first round I presented two ideas of which one made it through. The concept was that hands are universal symbols of creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship. They represent the human touch and the tangible nature of design work, which felt important to highlight now with AI increasingly present in our world. In the visuals, each hand represents a student, symbolising individualism, togetherness, and collaboration. Throughout the pitching process, my concept evolved from an initially illustrative approach to a more photography-led visual identity.

Responding to the tutors’ feedback, I photographed and developed the hands of my peers as graphic elements. These were incorporated, along with type hierarchy, into posters, social media layouts, and invitations. After presenting these designs, the course tutors further refined the visuals, working collaboratively to shape the final outcome.

It was an exciting journey, from pitching to finally seeing the show come to life. It was a great test of working to a tight deadline, responding to feedback, and multitasking under pressure as I was also working on my final major projects. But it was more than just an opportunity to experience real-life situations; leaving GMD with such a sentimental and personal memory is truly priceless.”

The Showcase web pages demonstrate the identity in use, as well as displaying the work of this year’s graduating students.

See more of Bianka’s work here:

sheet of different ideas

First stage pitch ideas.

Rough designs of the concept

Development of the concept.

photography of hands

Hands photography and colour treatment.

photograph of catalogues on a shelf

Catalogues in show.

Final invitation design

Industry invitation.