Art Director and Artist Scott King ran a one day workshop on Wednesday 22nd Jan for 9 GMD students. His workshop was for both first and second year students, commenting upon being a slave to the acronym, and was titled W.A.R ( We Are Rubbish). The students produced a campaign about the pointless, the useless, the thoughtless and the goddamn ugly!

You can see the work on the blog they produced below.

More info about Scott.

Scott King worked as Art Director of i-D and Creative Director of Sleazenation magazines. He is currently a senior contributing editor for Arena Homme+ and has worked with many iconic figures including the Pet Shop Boys, Michael Clark, Morrisey and Malcolm McLaren. King’s work has been exhibited worldwide at such institutions as the ICA and the Barbican, London; Kunste-Werke, Berlin; The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.