It’s been a few years since Sam Bryer graduated from GMD (but his illustrations lingered on the walls of the studio space for a while after him). We wondered how his career had progressed and how he had applied his skills…

When did you graduate from LCC?

  •  2013.

What are you doing?

  •    I am now a Senior Print Designer at high street fashion supplier, Collective Apparel.

What does your job involve?

  •    I design menswear apparel for high street brands such as ASOS, Collusion and Topman.

Best things about your job?

  •    I get to be creative for my job and be involved with something I’m passionate about.

What has been your career path?

  •    I was previously a print assistant in a print shop and a freelance illustrator.

Any tips for current Graphic & Media Design students?

  • Constantly work on your style, always listen to advice and experiment as much as possible. Most importantly enjoy yourself 🙂