Thursday 20 June – Saturday 22 June 2019

This year’s Graphic & Media Design BA (Hons) final year Degree Show, Salon XIX launched with a very well-attended Industry Preview breakfast. The show is open until 4.00pm 22nd June (times below). Graduate work can also now be viewed on the website: – search there for students by name or type of work.

BA Graphic and Media Design. The design programme that celebrates, analyses, provokes, questions, demolishes, deconstructs and rebuilds its antecedents and enables its spawn to find new ways to communicate via any means necessary. A collective of individuals – staff and students – that work within and outside of typical and unexpected boundaries and terrain; information design, time-based media, typography, branding and identity, UX/UI, three-dimensional, editorial, self-directed and responsive, politically motivated as well as celebrations of the diversity and unabashed questioning of the disorientating world in which we live and work. Provocations in print and on-screen, the digital-physical-virtual-sculptural three-dimensional meta-spatial reality thrown across multiple formats where time, technology and ideas collide.

Opening hours
Thursday 20 June, 11am-7pm
Friday 21 June, 10:30am-7pm
Saturday 22 June, 11am-4pm