Based in New York, The One Club for Creativity “exists to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community”. One of the ways in which they seek to support the next generation of industry professionals is through the international Young Ones Student Awards. This year, 2nd year Graphic & Media Design student, Runbin Xiao, achieved a merit for their typeface design.

Runbin describes the idea behind the typeface, why they entered the competition and their interest in typography…

Horshoe Display is a high-contrast typeface with contemporary aesthetics. It derives its name from “Horseshoe”, a piece of iron shaped like a U to protect a horse’s hoof. The font works better in larger font sizes.

I entered the competition because I think that as a graphic design student, I need to get feedback from different perspectives. In the class, I can get feedback from my tutors and peers, but the competition allows me to get feedback from other designers.

I love working with text, and this has led and encouraged me to explore type design. As a non-native English speaking student, I think this provides me with another perspective on the Latin type. When designing, I usually see the letters as a graphic and carving them like sculpture.

Runbin Xiao