2014 LCC Design School graduate Callum Copley has just masterminded a hugely successful Summer School in South London entitled ‘Registration’.

It featured three days of design lead workshops, lectures, performances and social activities from a selection of design professionals including Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Rejane Dal Bello, Julien Simshauser, Mark Kremers and Anthony Burrill alongside the brilliant Hato Press Studio and many more.

Set in a disused primary school, in Deptford, Registration set out to deliver experiential education methods that sought to give insight and inspire students.

Callum Copley approached Ross Bennett, Andrew Thorpe and fellow LLC BA (hon) Graphic and Media Design graduate Myles Palmer, designers who live in South London – with an idea for the Summer School. Callum had been to a few different programmes during his ‘year out’ at LCC whilst undertaking the LCC Diploma in Professional studies – he was especially inspired by ‘After School Club’ in Offenbach, Germany.

Eike König From the studio ‘Hort’ and students from the Offenbach University ran the previous inspirational event. Callum had a great time and found “the collaboration between students and practitioners on such a non-hierarchical level really inspiring. Being surrounded by so many talented students in such short period of time (3 days) and being asked to produce work had been an amazing experience.” He felt that there wasn’t really anything offering the same kind of fun, and free educational structure in London. So he made it happen.

They wanted to cultivate a group of multi-practice individuals and tried to make the selected group of students as diverse as possible.

After a lot of discussion around whether or not there should be a theme they chose Fear as a subtitle for the Summer school. They felt that fear was a topic not widely discussed within the practice of art and design, and especially within education. They suspect that once fear is banished, much greater creativity can be liberated.

The team are currently working on a publication about the school and this years topic which it hopes to launch later this year. After an extremely successful debut the school is set to become a real alternative to creative education methods.