REFRACT brand elements

This year’s online GMD graduate show has been brought together by a number of student/staff teams. The students responsible for the show design and identity, Lydia Gerakaki, Jessica Mumby-Price and Ishi Nake, describe their thinking behind the concept:

The identity we created for the REFRACT 2021 GMD degree show draws a correlation between the scientific phenomenon of refraction, and our collective student experience at LCC. Taken literally, refraction means the changing of the direction of light or sound as it travels through another medium. This moment of change, this transition from one perspective to another, is where our identity concept originates. Transitions can be hard and clear-cut or soft and gradual: the coded logotype and grid system reflect the former; the 7 colour gradient, the latter. The bold and exciting visual language of the identity celebrates the diversity of our community and the incredibly varied body of work that we have produced. Now, having made it to the end of our course, we all are stepping bravely out of our comfort zones and dispersing into different directions, paths and careers.

The team also reflect on the experience of working together:

Having experienced each other’s growth throughout our course, we were excited to finally collaborate as a group of friends on the identity for the degree show. This process presented some challenges (including balancing our final major projects at the same time), whilst creating plenty of learning opportunities within the areas of branding, strategy, print production and project management. Working together, we combined our skill sets, shared creative input and feedback and relied on each other to get the job done.

After more than a year of remote working, the most enjoyable part of this experience has been the coming together of students at LCC, setting up camp in the print workshops, sharing an ice cream with Tony and Scott (the print technicians) and working through an ever-growing to-do list, in person.

When telling people about what we have been up to these last few weeks, we have often described the feeling as like being part of our own GMD studio, swapping hats from brand designer to art director, project manager to print finisher…

Looking ahead, we’re sure this has equipped us well for many future projects together! 
Lydia Gerakaki, Jessica Mumby-Price and Ishi Nake

Other student teams helped create motion graphics and social media content using the brand assets. Working remotely but collectively, the show became a focus for the year group and a way of bring students together in an end of year collaborative experience.

Working in the motion graphics team has been a valuable and highly rewarding experience. It has been a pleasure to support and work alongside dedicated tutors and peers whose common vision is to celebrate and showcase the spectrum of talented student work before we ‘refract’ into different directions. Aiming high, good communication and teamwork have been our guiding light.
Emily Hawes

Behind this showcase, I am responsible for part of the motion graphics, digital animation and video editing. When I was discussing joining the team, I was a little worried about how our styles would integrate. But the cooperation between everyone was just wonderful, and effective. I have to say that this opportunity as both a social and work experience was precious and priceless in my 2021.
Kai Zhang

Full credits for all aspects of REFRACT 2021 are listed here


REFRACT brand elements
Show posters spelling out the word 'REFRACT'
REFRACT posters being printed and distributed
Postcard invitations in production.