Martin Hodgkiss graduated from GMD in 2009. He is now back at LCC, studying on the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course. So how did that come about? What is the connection between design and photography? And how might his career develop in the future?

“After developing a real interest in photography during my BA I decided to pursue it on a part-time basis. As well as working in other fields I also set up a small studio in my house, which gradually grew over the last 7 years. I began photographing more when I travelled, becoming an avid reader of National Geographic, and generally becoming more aware of photography as a way of communicating my feelings on certain issues. I took what I learnt in the studio, photographing portraits, to the streets and eventually in 2016 I researched pursuing photography as a career. I hadn’t planned to come back to LCC, but after looking at other courses worldwide it appeared to me that the MA PjDP at LCC was a world leader.

I used a lot of what I learnt from GMD in my professional life. Most importantly when it comes to thinking about presentation. My work has definitely been influenced by my time studying on the BA GMD. I tend to spend a lot of time considering my composition, as well as working hard to try and create a body of work that is cohesive. I used to rush to get a project out there, but the GMD course taught me the importance of research, development and attention to detail.


I would like to travel more. My main areas of interest in my photography are to do with environmental issues, conservation issues and wildlife. I guess it would be cliched to say I want to work for National Geographic, but that would be my dream job; as well as pursuing a lot of personal projects that I have planned.

– Any tips for current GMD students?

“Get to class on time! There is no room for error in the professional world. If you’re late, nobody will take you seriously. Also, use the time on the course to make use of all the facilities LCC and UAL has to offer. You’ll be surprised by the amount of extra skills you can learn, and how often you’ll use them in the professional world.”

Images shown from Storm Desmond; Cause & Effect

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