London Design Festival; ‘Emergence’ at LCC: Sept/Oct 2019 #3

GMD Senior Lecturer Monica Biagioli describes the process of working on a Special Issue for the Journal of Organizational Aesthetics which was launched at the London Design Festival at LCC:

I co-edited a Special Issue for the Journal of Organisational Aesthetics dedicated to the Design School’s contributions to the London Design Festival. The idea for the special issue emerged from a conversation with my co-editors about the need to create a legacy of our exhibitions. In this way, the special issue serves not only as a research platform but also as an online archive recording a range of works produced for the exhibitions held during the London Design Festival.

As a leader in visual practice and pedagogy, our academic output is entrenched in making. We wanted to embrace this in this special issue by providing the authors with the opportunity to not only articulate their work in words, but to also contribute in other formats that reflected the focus of their work through image and design.

The special issue contains contributions from practitioners and researchers working in collaboration to highlight the link between practice and research at the Design School and to address the particular practice-led research involved in our field.

Link to the download of the special issue:

Editors: Monica Biagioli, Silvia Grimaldi and Nela Milic.