When embarking on her Diploma in Professional Studies year, Caitlin Jedski was clear about one thing, she really wanted to work on a film. Deeply engaged in typography, both print and production, she was a great fan of the work of MinaLima and wanted to explore the role of a designer in the movies. Caitlin pursued this goal, despite the fact it took a lot of patience and determination.

She was delighted when she was eventually offered the role of assistant graphic designer on the new Wes Anderson film, Isle of Dogs.


“Working as Assistant Graphic Designer on ‘Isle of Dogs’ changed my appreciation for print finishing and graphic design on a new scale… literally. Being a stop-motion film, we worked with miniatures. Because the models were so small, the level of detail required was insane. My jobs were primarily in the area of print finishing – they ranged from ensuring that the chosen paper stocks had a fine grain that would not show on camera, finding alternate ways of using the studio printers to fake print aesthetics, assembling tiny items of packaging and even binding very small books. All of these aspects contributed towards creating a more authentic feel on camera. It was a truly fantastic and valuable experience to be able to apply my practical ‘craft’ skills in this way.”