London Design Festival; ‘Emergence’ at LCC: Sept/Oct 2019 #1

The Atomic publication is the latest issue in the Im-Pressed series and was launched as part of the London Design Festival, ‘Emergence’ exhibition at LCC. The publication series is designed and edited by GMD Senior Lecturers, Alexander Cooper + Tim Hutchinson, with contributions from a range of writers and designers, many from LCC.

The Atomic issue provides an open, experimental platform for creatives to pursue concepts and ideas about systems and processes, technology, history, society, sustainability, human nature, communication and environments. This issue has content that discusses human values in relation to the planetary concerns currently facing our species. It contains subtle and indirect messaging that aims to prick the conscience, prod at belief systems and reflect on a future where we may live with ultimate loss.

The Im-Pressed series is a graphic exploration into design and visual culture underpinned by an interest in the relationship between the analogue and digital world. Each issue aims to manifest as a curious amalgam of responses and reactions to a specific theme.

Copies of the Atomic issue are available at a reduced price of £5 for students – please contact Alex Cooper to get a copy.

Design Editors
Alexander Cooper
Tim Hutchinson

Contributors from Graphic Media Design (students, alumni and staff)
Alexsandra Kruusberg
Archie Lennon
Daniel Ioannou
Emily Thompson
Emma Shore
Georgia Sargeant
Issabella Hindley-Cupper
Jack Stutchbury
Joanna Marczak
Marta Úrbez
Natalie Cheng
Oli East
Tobias Revell