After seeing her work in last year’s Salon XVI degree show, Grace Hands was invited to be Kindred Agency’s ‘Creator in Residence’ for October (then extended until mid December). Grace was given lots of lovely briefs, creating social media content for various clients such as Recycle Now, LV and Boomerang, as well as working on internal projects for Kindred. She was in charge of coming up with initial ideas, storyboarding, creating/building the props, filming and editing. She had not worked with much moving image work at college, so it was a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills (AfterEffects/Premiere as well as setting up the studio to shoot etc) and she received great guidance and support from everyone in the company. Grace learnt so much, and she now has several examples of moving image work, prop building and idea generation for her portfolio. This was a perfect placement for Grace – she says that she never really felt like she fitted into a specific discipline of design as she loves to work with 3D/craft as well as for print and digital.

Kindred’s first designer in the scheme back in August last year was also a GMD graduate, Gabriella Renka, who specialises in paper craft (featured here in December). Gabby was also able to extend her freelance work for Kindred.




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