GMD student Hilma Sassa is current on her DPS year in industry. She has recently taken part in a project with BBH and Christie’s who are hosting an auction to raise money for Christie’s: amazing artworks from artists including Anthony Burrill, Morag Myerscough, David Shillinglaw and Hattie Stewart will all be on offer. Two students were also invited to create artworks for the project: we spoke to them about the experience and their work.

Hilma says, “My idea came from the fact that I wanted people to relate to the victims that the Refuge Charity works with, which mainly focuses on women and children,” Sassa explains. “Since I enjoy typography and quotes, as sometimes quotes can really relate or speak to you, I wanted to use words that would touch people and make them think. For that I had to find words that touched me and made me relate to the victims – as I am a woman too – but would also remind everyone that there is always a woman in their life.”

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