GMD students start Green Week this week with a fantastic range of challenging workshops, guest lectures, exhibitions and other events organised by LCC staff. More details and pictures of how the week unfolds will follow shortly.

A few of the highlights are listed below.


Monday 10th – Future Pharmacy / Workshop which considers health futures through design /communication + Crit (Wednesday)with Thomas Thwaites and Harry Trimble

Monday 10th – Composite to Compost / Workshop
with Ian Hunter of Materials Council – consider inventing new packaging materials from natural substrates.

Monday 10th D&AD New Blood Awards workshops in response to WPP (Change Habits) and Unilever (Megacities) student briefs.

Tuesday and Wednesday 11th & 12th – Reconnecting with Nature / National Trust Workshop with new cross UAL Chair Fred Deakin of Fred & Company

Tuesday 11th – Surviving the Times / Workshop
to make a collaborative newspaper with graphic designer Tzortzis Rallis (award-winning co-designer of The Occupied Times)

Wednesday 12th Acoustic Ecology / Sound walk hosted by Sound Arts

Thursday 13th – Reverse Archaeology / An invention workshop with Tobias Revell and Justin Pickard of Superflux

Thursday 13th – Dark City / New energy workshop with Danish service designers Thomas Markussen, Eva Knutz and Silvia Grimaldi of Spacial Design

Friday 14th Rewilding E&C / Go feral and visualise E&C as a natural haven. Future spacial Workshop with Dr Bob Bloomfield OBE

Friday 14th Permaculture and 100 Natural colours / Workshop with Maddy Harland, Fergus Drennan and James Wood of the Foraged Book project

Friday 14th Insect Lunch / Workshop with Jacky Chung MEng MA MSc of Ento on the subject of future nutrition as proposed by the United Nations.



Monday 10th – Creativity Works for the White Pencil / Event with D&AD and Industry experts on the value of social responsibility in Creativity with The Guardian.

Tuesday 11th – Design for Social Impact / Lecture with Nat Hunter and Sevra Davis of The RSA

Wednesday 12th Survival / Debate
– How are communicators making a difference in the most important topic of our age? Survival of communities, biodiversity, values.
Speakers: Chair – Paul Lowe (LCC MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography), Keynote – Stephen Corry (Survival International), Dr Bob Bloomfield OBE (Bio-Diverse), Antrim Caskey (Photographer and activist), Peter Cusack (LCC Sound Arts and CRiSAP), Richard Hawkins (PIRC), Ciril Jazbec (Photographer), James Morgan (Photographer), Danielle Pafford (CAT) Jim Wickens (Filmmaker)

Friday 14th – Lecture World Changing with John Mathers Chief Executive of the Design Council and Chrissy Levett of the Creative Conscience Awards – competition to enter

For the full details, please click the link below.