On Thursday we launched our Critical Mass brief to year two. The students attended a series of workshops held at the Elephant Hotel, which were led by a series of special guest tutors. The guest tutors then presented a series of short lectures back at LCC informing the year of their work and opinions. Here are pictures of Skylon Pro and Bianca Elzenbaumer of Brave New Alps delivering their inspiring lectures.


The full list of guest tutors and speakers:

Tzortis Rallis –
Occupied Times
Newspaper/ DM Design of the Year

Noel Douglas
Signs of Revolt exhibition

Bianca Elzenbaumer of Brave New Alps
An International Collective

Djordje Balmaz of Škart
Exhibiting at V&A next month

Kevin Smith of Liberate Tate http://liberatetate.wordpress.com

Adrianna Eysler & amp; Tony Credland
LCC Activist group- Carrotworkers’ Collective

Gulizar Cepoglu – Portrait of a revolution
Activism / Design in Arab Spring / Eye Mag.

Skylon Pro of Save Southbank