Third year GMD Design student Grace Teo, currently undertaking her Diploma in Professional Studies, has been selected to design 4 posters for a series of events and lectures at LCF. Better Lives is a term used at London College of Fashion to describe the work they do that uses fashion, as a discipline, to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live. Through a wide agenda, which includes social responsibility, awareness-raising and collaboration, we encourage dialogue between staff, students and the wider community to develop an understanding and definition of what sustainability means to us. Here are a number of our projects, initiatives and collaborations that reflect our belief in using fashion as a catalyst for change.

“I am glad to have won this brief that has such strong message and was related to fashion. Some of my keywords when I was working with the brief was – change, people, diversity, gender and equality as the main themes of the core of the project, Better Lives, revolved around social issues.  Hence, I thought using hands as a main visual to unify the three themes, the social innovation, women and youth. With the extension of the past branding and marketing collaterals, instead of hiding the facial features harshly, the marbling effect highlighted the images and I thought evoked a sense of emerging change?” Grace Teo