Graduating from LCC only 16 months ago, Giorgio Marani has already staged his first solo pop-up exhibition.


The exhibition focused on the importance of typography within graphic design, and was held at Burley Fisher Books in Haggerston on Wednesday 8th November.

Giorgio is a Milanese graphic designer who started experimenting with typography in 2005 at Scuola Grafica Salesiana. In Milan, he was taught traditional methods of graphic design – learning the rigours of technical hand-drawing alongside computer-based design. In 2014 he joined the GMD course at LCC, where he used the workshop facilities and teaching to explore the role and meaning of typography and visual systems further. These two differing but complementary design philosophies are reflected in his work: an exploration of both type and colour. The featured selection of posters experimenting with typography, colour and grid systems are traditional, meticulous yet playful.