Getting Out There is a networking and skills program designed to help students prepare themselves for the outside world. The program was just completed with the Second Year Graphic and Media Design students at London College of Communication.

Facilitator William Redgrove reflects on the experience:
“I have come from the interesting position of being an LCC alumni, having graduated from the GMD course in 2013. I recognise – and remember – the pressures the students are dealing with and the unknown futures they are facing. Having now spent 5 years working within the creative industry, I was able to give examples of my own experiences since being in their position.

This gave Agora Arts Circle the chance to bridge a gap between the academic world and industry but we were also able to position ourselves somewhere in between tutor and fellow student. We were able to create an environment in which students could ask questions and communicate freely.

The program focussed on the learning of soft skills, self motivation and professional development. The structures were designed to be casual, inclusive and engaging as well as informative. Industry professionals gave talks on their own experiences and the students were given their own networking events to get to know each other and hone their communication techniques.”

William Redgrove: 
Agora Arts Circle:
The last Getting out There public event is happening on 3rd April 2019: