Distractions (2020) HD • 35 minutes

Distractions follows students from participating universities in Australia and at LCC through the Re:act road safety behaviour change program which GMD participated in for 2019-20. The film documents the project journey of GMD student, Sue An, over a 6 month period, representing the experience of both the GMD and BA Branding & Identity students who took part.

Re:act challenges university students to create campaigns that target road safety risks prevalent in their 18-25 year old peers. The 35-minute documentary reveals the insightful and creative thinking of young minds on how to communicate key road safety messaging, develop campaigns for their peer group, and engage a hard-to-reach audience with road safety.

See also previous post: https://gmdlcc.co.uk/2020/06/17/react-distraction/ for examples of the GMD students’ outcomes for the project.