A number of GMD staff (academic and technical) contributed to an exhibition of Design Research work, 14 September–14 October 2016. The show ran as part of the London Design Festival exhibitions and events at LCC.

Work pictured (clockwise) by Tim Hutchinson & Alexander Cooper, Chris May, Joshua Trees, Siân Cook, Jack Blake, Monica Biagioli,  Paul McNeil & Hamish Muir, Craig Burston and Barbara Salvadori. Other participating GMD and CTS staff included Jess Baines, Karl Foster, Paul Glavey, Dr Ian Hague, Sarah Temple, Penny Hilton, Dr Ian Horton, Dr Claire Jamieson, Liz K Miller, Josie Molloy, Dene October, David Sims and Andrew Slatter.

A 32 page publication designed by GMD alumni Studio P2P accompanied the exhibition.