The second winners from the Design School at the D&AD awards this year were Charlie Boyden and Natasha Hicken who were recognised for their Hasbro game idea, Flipstik.

FlipStik is a game that is as straight-forward as it is addictive – it has no rules, you can play it however you want, challenge yourself or your mates to create new ways to flip it! You can play on your own, with a friend or even in a group, this game is perfect for any situation. It is one of the two ideas that Hasbro are taking into test development – so you may see it in production by Christmas and a cult in January.


Charlie from GMD and Natasha from Illustration have also been selected to undertake the Diploma in Professional Studies 2017/18 and are travelling to Senegal in July to take part in a project called Route Artlantique.

Watch the FlipStik promotional film: