Click Candy is GMD graduate Vanessa Ban’s first solo exhibition in Singapore, running 5th October-5th November 2016. Inspired by clickbait – specifically web content that generates online advertising revenue through relying on sexualised images of women to attract ‘clicks’, Ban’s latest work imagines clickbait without its sex objects.



Rather than parody or perform the strategies of clickbait, Ban’s work presents an alternative to conventional contemporary art strategies of critiquing the spectacle-driven consumption that underlines information and capital flows on the web. It represents what is left behind when the clickbait object is consumed – an empty outline that leaves the viewer with a certain discomfort like that of a  sticky residue of candy on your finger tips.

As part of the exhibition, there will be an artist’s talk on October 22nd. Overexposed brings together artist Vanessa Ban and psychologist Dr. Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham to respond to  Click Candy in an informal discussion over the psychological effects that arise from the prevalence of sexualised images of women in the gendered space of the internet.



Vanessa Ban (b. 1988) is a graphic designer, artist, and educator. Her work focuses on the cross-fields of contemporary art and design. Notable exhibitions include shows at the London Design Festival, Silverlens Galleries, The Arts House, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Aliwal Arts Centre, 2902 Gallery and the Red Dot Design Museum.