GMD alumnus, Tamara Lewis, has been working as a designer on a new initiative to help recent graduates entering a difficult job market.

First initiated by Associate Professor Dr Norbert Morawetz at Henley Business School, Class of 2020 has quickly grown into a group of volunteers comprising students, graduates, educators and professionals coming together to build a free online academy. Businesses of all types and sizes share  learning and development materials with Class of 2020, who curate them into an engaging upskilling programme:

Graduates and young people can participate in the programme to develop new skills and get ready for when the economy bounces back. It gives young people structure in uncertain times, and helps them put their time to good use. Businesses sharing with Class of 2020 will reach a large group of young people, and can draw on fresh talent as the economy reopens.


Tamara reflects on how the project came together through collaboration:

“During my time in lockdown, myself and a group of designers have been working together to bring the Class of 2020 vision to life. Each with our specialism, we have developed the Class of 2020 brand, the functionality and application of the e-learning platform and the overall aesthetic of the company website. We have each brought our own flair but our shared interest for social impact design united us. Class of 2020 has been an amazing project to work on: full of passion, philanthropy, enthusiasm and a commitment to community. We have changed online learning – providing students and young grads, across the country, with a new way to learn and up-skill their talents and take their education into their own hands.”


We recommend that GMD final year, DPS students and recent graduates sign up!: