Close up head shot of two young women facing each other. One is touching the face of the other who has her eyes closed. Title of the film 'CHLOE'.

Alexia Remoleux graduated from GMD in 2018 and now works as a VFX Production Coordinator in London at DNEG. We caught up with her to find out about her career and the role played by a chance encounter with Kubricks work at LCC, as well as her own film projects.

My job involves working with VFX artists, liaising between artist and the clients.

The best thing about my job is having the opportunity to work in a client-facing role and communicate with VFX artists on a daily basis, while being part of a talented team within a great production company. Having your name featured in a movie is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. It has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of how VFX works and appreciate its impact on the film industry.

After LCC, I pursued a Masters in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art. Following that, I worked as a production runner at Framestore to figure out if I wanted to pursue a career as a 3D artist in special effects or work in production. Unfortunately, I lost my job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, I decided to write, direct and produce my first short film, DENNIS. After completing the project, I landed a job as a production assistant at a VR company in Amsterdam. Eventually, I joined DNEG in 2021, and that’s where my current journey is taking me.

I have just produced my second short film, CHLOE (and I would love it if you could help promote it!) Its not out yet, but it should be released sometime in March or April. This is the story: transitioning out of a long-term relationship, Chloe finds herself embroiled in a dangerous and intriguing friendship with her new roommate. CHLOE answers my desire to see more stories about narcissistic perverts in friendship and among women. Help me raise awareness of them and their mechanisms. I’ve also launched my production company recently called HEAT Production.

Instagram: @heat_productions_

Alexia’s tips for current students?

When I first arrived at LCC, my goal was to become a logo specialist in the field of graphic design. However, during my first year, I stumbled upon the Stanley Kubrick Archive housed at the college and decided to take a look. It was during this experience that I realised I wanted to pursue a career in the film industry. As a result, my projects during those 3 years revolved around video production, with some typography work thrown in. While GMD is a fantastic program for aspiring graphic designers, it offers much more than just that. With its emphasis on developing an artistic eye, it’s the perfect place to start, regardless of the specific path you choose to pursue. So be ambitious and work to achieve your dreams 🙂

Close up head shot of two young women facing each other. One is touching the face of the other who has her eyes closed. Title of the film 'CHLOE'.