Recently, creatives have been making use of social media and looking at their online presence in different ways. Final year Graphic & Media Design student Daniel Ioannou reflects here on his adoption of blogging as a way of thinking about his practice.


Today, on my daily walk, I passed someone carrying a big stick. I wondered if perhaps they were bringing it home to a large housebound dog or something. As we drew closer our eyes met and I noticed the digital SLR camera hanging around their neck… they must have been a fellow creative. I’m guessing bringing back the stick for a photoshoot with their new homemade range of autumnal jewellery (or whatever!).

I’ve been noticing more and more wandering creatives while out and about these days. It could be that my outdoor activities have shifted from the fast paced lifestyle I was living pre-covid times, or perhaps that I’m pining to feel part of a creative community. With uni activities being almost exclusively online, I still find myself adjusting to working in isolation and miss the rapport of working in a room of creative minds. After all, there’s only so much constructive feedback I can get from a houseplant.

I’ve been blogging now for a few months and I think it’s become a valuable component in my practice. Not only to help develop my writing skills (for an individual with mega scholarly hangups!), but also to share my experiences and developments. I’m looking at blogging as an opportunity for others to get to know more about me. More than the filtered “at my best” content I would share on social media platforms!

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