GMD Alumnus, Hector Plimmer, has just released his debut album Sunshine. And yes, it’s wonderful. Soulful and electronic, mature stuff.

Hector began the more formal exploration of the relationship between sound and image in earnest as part of his final year GMD Major Project. Since graduation, Hector has worked as an artist, designer and musician. He has gone on to win plaudits in the music industry, particularly from 6 Music DJ Giles Peterson, who featured Hector on his show as an emerging talent.

A featured artist on the Edit2.0/ What Does Green Really Mean compilation album produced at LCC, and also more recently playing live for the GMD Musicians Against Homelessness event at Corsica Studios, Hector continues to share his talent with us here on GMD and reflects on the two areas of his work:

“One the recurring themes of my work in final year was the interaction of imagery and sound, this has stayed with me 3 years on after graduating. As a result I’ve been lucky enough to find myself pursuing both subjects, and even more so to have been able to form some sort of a career out of them. Both music and design have determined my work to date, each heavily influencing the other but also serving as an escape from one another. This album is an accumulation of music created over the past few years, some of it whilst still studying at LCC. The artwork was designed to be screen printed (a technique learned during my time at LCC) and I made a run of prints to sell as well as the record. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it.”

A link to the music via Bandcamp;

You can see more of Hector’s visual work here;

And Hector at work on his music here;