Sarah Temple recently collaborated with GMD students and alumni: Sine Jorgensen, Camille Leproust, Andres Ayerbe, Romain Meunier, Jessica Bishopp, Arianna Tilche, Sarah Sajid, Netta Peltola, Rikke Holst and Sophie Chatellier on a particitipatpry installation entitled ‘Caretakers’ as part of The Cultures of Resilience Exchange event.

Cultures of Resilience (CoR) is a two year, cross UAL project focused on researching and presenting a new cultural discourse on resilience. It is a cultural experiment done in the hope of bringing about a more resilient society, better able to cope with the challenges, crises and disasters of the early 21st century.

Resilience, is a system’s capacity to cope with stress and failures without collapsing and, more importantly, the ability to learn from the experience. It should be considered a fundamental characteristic for all future societies.

The CoR Exchange in The Well Gallery at LCC brought together teams and collaborators for the exchange of their research and actions associated with the project. Presentations, performances and pedagogic activities were recorded and disseminated to a wider audience. CoR is a two year project headed by UAL Chair Ezio Manzini and Head of Central Saint Martins Jeremy Till.